Hey all, first time posting here.

So after having used a trusty Fender Jag HH with a POD X3 live I've decided to start collecting the guitar and effects I really want. I've picked out a couple of pedals I'd like to start out with but after doing some research it seems that the whole tuner discussion is somewhat more complicated than I originally thought. I was originally going to settle on a TU-3 (after hearing many people swear by the TU-2) but have come across some negative feedback, and have had my attention drawn to the Turbo Tuner ST-200 (http://www.turbo-tuner.com/pages/manual-st2.htm)

Now, given that I'd like this rig to have the highest quality sound I can get coming out of it (within reason, of course) I'd like to know what people's opinions of this tuner are. The ability to quickly tune is also nice, but I'd like to know whether the "True Bypass" causes any signal degredation/noise.

One other concern that I have is the brightness and colour of the display (video's are never an accurate measure of this), and given that I'm colourblind (red deficient) and while I don't play in direct sunlight, I'm curious as to whether the display would be bright enough, ie, if you consider it dull, I probably won't be able to see it, but if it's bright for you, I'll probably be ok.

Anyways, any feedback would be great.

For curiosities sake this is the basic rig that'll I'll be going with:

Gretsch Black Penguin,
Effects (in no order):
Boss DD-20,
Visual Sounds Jekyll and Hyde OD/Distortion
TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb
Boss Volume Pedal
Some manner of chorus pedal, haven't decided yet
TRex Fuel Tank
Vox AC15 (ac15cc1x)

Thanks for any input and feedback.

the strobe is one of the best tuners but if you're red blind it might suck cuz the led is red.
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It's pretty bright. The Pederson Strobostomp is the brightest of the tuners but I like the turbo tuner a lot better for accuracy, ease of use, reliability, and size.

I assume that your red-blindedness just means that you see reds less prominently, which should be fine. The turbo tuner uses the movement of the LEDs to show tuning, so even if you can't see the color real well the bright movement should be obvious enough. On the other hand, if your eyes don't recognize red as quickly, perhaps you won't track the movement as well as you should. I imagine you'd know if that were the case.
Quote by Roc8995
I assume that your red-blindedness just means that you see reds less prominently,

Yeah, that's the case, they're just not as bright. Do you get any unwanted noise when not using the tuner?

Another stupid question, I'm assuming that if I'm using the Tuner, it will mute the outgoing signal?

Thanks for the quick reply.

There's no noise, it's true bypass so it's like having three inches of extra cable length. If you can hear that, you're beyond our help. It's also the only pedal I know of that disconnects the battery when you switch it off, so you don't have to unplug the input to save the battery.

The tuner mutes the output when it's in use, yes.
If the color-blindness brightness issue is too great, Korg Pitblacks have blue lights and are great tuners, if not a little overpriced and over-hyped.

True Bypass should preserve your tone with minimal (if any) degradation. That is, until you have like 20 True Bypass effects hooked up together. At that point a buffer is necessary.