i have had electric guitar for about a year and a half..and i can't seem to learn anything by myself, i learned maybe 3 full songs...but always sounds bad and always mistakes...i know am supposed to keep practicing until its perfect..but at some points it pisses me off..i just can't wait..

i tried to play many songs..download the tabs and can't go through so much..take breaks..

tried clean..too many mistakes...tried distortion sounds real bad..

is guitar just not for me ? you guys ever want to play a song real bad..but can't and just give up?

am thinking about finally giving up..but am not sure..any advice ?

would electric guitar lessons help me ?

sorry for posting this..but am just really confused on what to do.
I find myself in a similar position at the moment. I know how you feel, in my opinion though it's worth going on. Seeking a teacher might be the solution as they should bring some structure and discipline to your learning that should keep you moving forwards.
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With guitar there are 2 motives:

First of all play the songs you love. For me, I try them, if I cant play them i move onto something else. Then I might come back to them a while later and find theyre easier than I thought. A love of something (ie guitar) is not something you can buy... but it tends to be the best motive.

Second is frank hard discipline. If you get lessons you'd be given deadlines and schedules and there might be something all too human inside you that wants to impress your teacher and get things done.

So try these. If you give up you bviously dont have either. Perservere man.
I just had to post this, didn't I.
You need to practice and practice and practice. Every day. Start light and slowly then progress to some harder techniques.
When I was younger I had to same problem. I tried to play songs and found that if I didnt play them everyday I would forget parts. I also struggled to play the stuff that I wanted to play. I ended up saying screw it and sticking to the drums which seemed to come more naturally to me.

The resolution to the problem I found years later was that I needed to understand why the songs were played the way they were. Trying to memorize songs from the tabs is tough without understanding the chords and scale shapes. Once I learned those, I found that most songs fit into certain patterns that can be learned and applied.

My advice is that you need to not just practice more, but you need to practice smarter and understand why you are practicing certain things. Find a teacher that you connect with and slug through all of the boring shit for a few months. I would almost guarantee that your playing will improve. You will find that after a few short months those difficult songs become a little easier.
thanks a lot for the advice guys, i think i was just choosing the wrong songs..that is too hard which makes me wanna give up because i can't play it..i usually try to play the songs i like only..but i guess i gotta find easy stuff so i can pass on to next level, and when i have money i will get lessons just to make sure am good, thanks guys.