Yngwie Malmsteen: Amazing guitarist, turns classical music into metal, invented shred guitar. but a complete tool:

- Insults gays: resulting in a woman pouring water on him on a plane...
- ... His reaction was: YOUVE UNLEASHED THE FURY!...
- ... Then threatened to kill her
- Critises guitarists for the wrong reasons: once complained Jeff Beck sucked because he was out of tune: "Jeff Beck – “out of tune” during “‘Cos We’ve Ended As Lovers”. Excuse me, but crying isn’t necessarily in tune."
- Noted that Edward Van Halen was afraid to meet him
- Compared himself to Mozart

Axl Rose: Amazing vocalist, everyone loves Sweet Child O Mine. but a complete tool:

- I'll let you guys complete this list
As a swede I would like to start off by apologizing for Yngwie. We're not proud to have bred up something like...that...but since he lives in the US he's your problem now, lol. :P

Seriously though, both are complete tools. Axl Rose thinks he IS Guns n' Roses. Everybody sees through the facade exept for him. It's embarrasing.

Yngwie said in an interview at the beginning of his career (paraphrasing): I never want the fame to change who I am or turn me into an egotistical person who thinks too much of himself and looks down on people.

No versus threads you tit.

And Yngwie by far. Axl is just a Douche.
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I would say Axl is the bigger tool.

I always compare Yngwie to that pretentious asshole who you hate because he's successful.
Yngwie probably has the most technical skill of any guitarist alive or dead, but he's a huge dick.

Axl is less of a legend than yngwie but is just about the tool level as him. SO, only because Yngwie is better than him, I classify Axl as the bigger tool.
you should be ashamed of yourself for making a thread like this TS *reported*

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He swallowed black nail polish and shat the word 'motherfucker' onto a non-metal kid. Rad.

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