I have an EP almost done and I would like to know how I get tracks on a CD to "phase" into each other (one track ends and goes right to the next track without pause like Pink Floyd's The Wall) Is there a software I can use? I have each song ending where one will begin, but still wondering if there will be a pause between tracks.

All help is appreciated
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There are a couple of ways....

You know how they do it on the radio, where one song fades out and the next song fades in over top? That's a cross-fade. Some CD burning software will allow you do do one between songs, while dropping a marker to tell the CD player that there is a new track starting.

Similarly, you use your CD burning software to just put "0 sec" between those two songs, and then one will just start right after the next.

And sometimes, you actually have to record them that way. For instance, this song here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aQS-yTw0x0 has an actual transition written between about 3:30 and 4:00 where, compositionally, the two songs flow from one into the other. There is no other way than to record them like that. You would then use your CD burning software to drop a marker at a certain spot in time to signal a new track.

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