I'm getting tired of constantly replacing the batteries in my Behringer UM300 and EQ700 pedals, so I'm thinking about getting a mains adapter to power them. I already use a single 9V adapter on my Crybaby, so I was wondering. Would I be able to use something like this:

9V Power Supply Daisy Chain

on my existing 9v power supply so that I can join all my pedals up? I'm on a very tight budget, so I can't really afford and kind of power bank or what ever.
Yes, but there's always a possibility of ground loops that will induce a ton of noise.
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Reckon it's worth giving one a try? I mean, it's only a fiver so if it doesn't work I'm not really losing anything.
Add up the current used by each pedal. The sum of those currents has to be less than the current rating on the supply you have.
If any of the pedals have a positive internal earth like a fuzz face or some EHX pedals it can't be daisy chained with the others. Otherwise your only concern apart from current handling is the polarity at the power socket; they all have to be the same.
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