my bridge is raised, should i tighten the claw with the 3 springs i have in place or add more springs plus tighten it, is 3 springs enough?
try at least one more spring, it will cut down on the amount that you have to tighten the claw by.
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thanks, can i by them online in the uk ( cant seem to find them ) and does it have to be a specific spring for my fender strat 70 model,

thanks very much,

just wanna make sure i do it correct
Either tightening 3 springs or leaving it as it is and simply adding a 4th spring will both get the job done. It's easier to tweak 3 springs with tightening to get the balance EXACTLY right, but 3 springs that are already being pulled on by over-tightening will have a stiffer feel and have less range than four slacker springs. Try adding a fourth spring first and seeing if you can get it to set up right with that simple, big change, and if not you can always take the fourth spring off and tighten the 3 original springs slowly to get it spot-on.