Hi, I'm looking at doing some home recordings and I am starting by looking at audio interfaces.

My friend recommended the PreSonus Audiobox which £120.

I was wondering if I could get by with something much cheaper. My plan is to put these recordings out there but I will never be making any serious recordings as my plan is to ultimately go into the studio with a full band. By this notion could I get away with a low price audio interface?

Thanks, Andy.
I have similar problem right now..
My brother and I want to play guitar, but over some ampsim program so we can record ourselves..
I thought of Behringer FCA202 but they said that I better save more money and then buy a better one..
Now I'm about to buy Behringer UCG102 Guitar-to-USB Interface, just to see how it sounds like, I heard on youtube that it doesnt have hum or any other unwanted noises..
In my situation where I have to record 2 guitars in the same time, if I ever collect money, I will go for M-Audio MobilePre..
much cheaper? not really. most stuff that gives you the quality you want even for just messing around is going to start at around 80 or 90 GBP. you can get cheaper stuff, but it tends to be stuff you end up replacing fairly quickly.

if you are just throwing down some guitar tracks, the line 6 pod studio gx is a good choice. if you want to step up to something with a mic preamp, the m-audio fast track mk ii is a nice place to start.