"Finally got around to recording this. I'm glad with the way it came out, I think the acoustic came out pretty good (despite it's inherent difficulty to play). Had to cut a bit out in the beginning (that I'm sure is not missed on a mere video cover).

Anyone who can't appreciate the beauty in metal needs to have this song shoved down their throats...o.O

Guitars recorded through PodXT ASIO into REAPER, mixed/leveled/EQed in REAPER and video edited in Premiere CS5."

How noticable is the sloppiness in the acoustic break? I always have trouble with the acoustic in the couple bars where the electric guitar has a little solo, the changes are so fast and scattered!
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Holy shit, man. O_O This was epic. Excellent work

Thank ya! I've got the first 4 tracks of Still Life all up on youtube (though it's kind of in decreasing mastery, I think Moonlapse Vertigo is my sloppiest and the most polished is The Moor or Godhead's Lament). 3 more to go xD
This is sick man, you must have the paitience of a saint to nail all of those individual parts. All acoustic parts sounded fine to me, is that a Seagull acoustic you're using? It sounds great, how did you record it?

Only criticism I can think of, is perhaps a little too much gain was used, whn you recorded the heavier sections, because the 2 guitar parts blended a little bit, and got slightly mushy, but your tone if your personal choice, and I'm not gonna judge.

Also, your username is awesome. Just thought I'd leave that there. If you wanted to return the crit, or just check out some of my stuff, I just recorded a new acoustic cover, which can be found here:

ArSeNiK: Will do, Bleak is one I've wanted to learn for a while but haven't gotten around to. Perhaps you'll be able to help me out

Stud_Muffin: Yes indeed, it's a Seagull. I love the thing. My friend bought it, never really used it and gave it to me. It's acoustic-electric so I just plug it straight into my PodXT and send it into REAPER unprocessed. I have a touch of EQ and plenty of reverb on it, but nothing else. It has a mic and a piezo pickup, and a little potentiometer to select the mix of the mic in the output (as well as phase).

I agree with the tone issue. I'm never happy with the tone I get out of the Pod, but it makes recording so much easier. I should have realized that, with stacked guitar tracks, I should use less gain. It's a bit too weak when playing the first track but it won't seem that way when I stack another one on top. Something to keep in mind, thanks!

Will check your stuff out as well when I get some free time!