I stayed out of inspiration. Can someone give me idea what to write about?

Just give me list of topics which I should write about.
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Write about the frustration of not knowing what to write about.
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Write about the frustration of not knowing what to write about.

For the love of all that is good, don't write about that. Everyone writes about that, and it's so used up.

Write about whatever you have passion for. Write from your experiences. Write about everything that means anything to you. Someone once told me, "If you don't have anything to write about, you haven't been living."

If you feel you just don't have anything to write about, maybe you should put yourself in new situations. Meet new people. See new places. Experience new things.

Best of luck.
I write about politics, past experiances, problems, and people in my life
The power of hard rock, heavy metal,
and Ska Fcking Hipsters
When I have writers block, I generally look back at big moments in my life [ie. loss of loved ones, falling in love, heartbreak] and scribble some random lyrics about that.
Otherwise I watch the news, read, and because I'm also a budding writer [somewhat] I write about the characters in my stories, which helps either way because from the lyrics I get new ideas for the books.
If I'm really stuck for words, I listen to music, cause that's what really inspires me. Although I do have about 500+ quotes that I've collected just as a starting point for anything I write if my life decided to be mind-numbingly boring.
Just write about what your passionate about, because a song without passion is hardly a song at all (:
i write jus bout love and problems, coz all my lyrics come from the heart! (changed abit to make sense and actually look like a song