The lead guitar sounds to me like it needs to be brought up more in the mix. Other than that not too bad.
sick riffing but i think the double bass came too soon during the intro
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Good shit dude, I would probably use a few dif drum beats but good none the less

I got two sets of leads and the one is a diminished harmony which I didn't want too loud. The drums are basic just to find my sound and it might spike a bit because I've not mastered it properly.

Thanks again
BTW I'm using a Jeff Loomis signature 7 string on this song and I got an 18v mod but the batteries are dead so the tone will be "flat".
Your guitar tone is reminding me the one of dimebag darrell. Really powerful song ! Great articulation, great quality ... I liked it
I'll re-do it when I get new batteries, power is down by at least 60% atm.
Sounds good. The kick sounds a bit weird and I'd do a bit more drum stuff but the leads and stuff sound pretty cool. Cool harmonies. I like the riffs around 1:30-1:44. How much did that pod cost you? Seems like you're getting a pretty decent tone out of it. been thinking about picking up an interface like that lately.
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like the whole thing. Loved the intro as well as when the drums and guitar comes in... good job!
cheers. I've got a v4 but I'll be re-stringing my loomis putting it into flats so I'll prob end up doing a master recording I hope in around 2 weeks time.
Some good riffs in there. Maybe a little disjointed, but that's probably the effect you were trying to achieve.
Yep , I'll follow a certain pattern but alternate between the effect so that its basically going to clash but mingle at the same time problem doing that though is that its hard to try and bring the song to an end.
God, I love Doom songs. When I hear this song, I imagine our shadows actually taking form and attacking everyone. The only way to survive, is to find a place with zero light, so that shadows cannot be made.

Please, please, pleeeeease!!! If you ever get someone to put vocals to this, please make him or her a SINGER, and not somebody who just screams and growls like an idiot, because he knows he can't sing worth shit. Think Dio or Iron Maiden. A soaring voice, pronoucing the end days are upon us.

Well done. 8.5/10
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Not bad I like it! The guitar is ha a bit of "nasaly" tone to it but it's not bad! Drums levels should be brought up because it's a bit hard to hear them. Other than that, it's pretty cool. Crazy riffs!
Sounds good. I like the intro, when you hear it, you just know it's gonna explode into something heavy.

I think there's too much cymbal, not enough kick and snare. I know with those EZD kicks it can be hard to make them cut through. They always have to much room sound.
cheers for feedback, drums are just there for the sake of it being there. The master will include a custom track laid down by my friend.
Got to buy a 5 string bass to finish this one. My current is in drop c and setup nicely so I dont want to alter it, hehe.
Sorry it took a friggin eternity to fulfill my C4C, but I'm doing it!
I like the intro. The 32nd-note kicks don't gel with me. Not a huge fan of the guitar tone (too fizzy for me, maybe some more mids and less gain?). Love the low B riff around 1:45 and the stuff after that! Needs bass, but that's easily fixed once you can get a 5-string. Needs some badass vocals too (see if Phil Anselmo can come in for you )

Really dug it! Nice work!
Ordered a 5 string bass ready to re-record it all but I may send it back though and order a slightly different one.
This is pretty sick. I liked the groovy style and the song is structured very nicely. It sounds like EZdrummer to me, so if it is, try lowering your room mix a bit, and adding some inserts to the instrument track such as EQ, compression. It makes them sound a little bit better I think, but if your going for that roomy sound then that's cool too. It just more my personal taste I guess, I really like that dry punch sound.

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Like the start. Some cool panning and good riffing. I agree, sick tone. Oooooooff love the double kicker, how do you get that kick sound on EZdrummer? Just clever eqing?

Wow this is really sweet man. Just some siiiiick riffs and well produced. Do I hear a bass? I don't think so, I'd add one or make it more prominent.

Again really good man! I have nothing to really add tbh .

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No bass, got a 5 string on the way ready for it. The master recording will also be retuned to flats. I've just EQ'd the drums in EZ to make the kicks sound more prominent. Tone is good too for pod farm, one of the better ones I think.