Hello, I am Leokisomma on UG and I am the lead guitarist of the band Black Hornet. We have been playing together for a while now and we've got to be pretty tight. What we are looking for at the moment is a singer.

More than anything else we already have quite a bit of original music written alongside some covers that we already know how to perform. Our influences range from early ^0s music to the modern day; and almost all of it from the rock genre in some way. I listen to every type of music I can but here in the band we are dedicated to playing our favorite kind; hard rock and heavy metal.

Please be aware that we are not looking for a hardcore scream/death-metal singer, but we are willing to welcome someone who is a guitarist as well as a singer. Obviously we're willing to listen to anybody whose willing to sing for us, and we will give you as much feedback as possible as soon as possible if you think you're up for it.

As a starting point for what kind of singer we're looking for, probably someone who's got a similar sound to someone like Ronnie James Dio; although you have range you also have a clarity, but really even if you're more of a raspy Robert Plant sort of singer we'll give you a try. We are willing to accept pretty much any kind of singer that's willing to work with us.

If you are interested you can contact me on this website or got to www.myspace.com/blackhornetuk , I would strongly recommend listening to us before making you decision though. Also bear in mind that the recordings on this website I just mentioned are from a while ago.

Best of luck to you all even if you aren't interested in this, and keep playing all you guitar players out there.
I know this is going to displease you when you read this, (because I'm not a potential wannabe singer replying, like you wanted) if you do, but I'm not really the person who can sing - I just simply wanted to wish you luck with this. Wonder why? Well, whether it matters to you or not now, I used to know you from a long time ago. You knew me - you were kind and helpful and nice to me (I know nice is a thing some males don't like being called but it's true, you were a very nice person). Because my concerns for my safety on the Internet and joining any kind of Internet site are very high, I cannot disclose anything, but I just came to wish you luck, as I said already, so all the best to you and Black Hornet. I saw a picture of you on [forbidden link] so I recognised you - the hair, guy I knew from somewhere who I knew practiced guitar. You wanna know for certain how I knew it was you? Well, a newsletter for your school showed your real name, along with those of two other boys in a band called Black Hornet, and said, quite frankly, that you had performed for the school during your final whole school assembly, 25th May. You probably don't want proof, but here it is: nicholas bramah broughton business and enterprise college - type that into google search, and the second option down should say [PDF] Weekly News - Broughton Business & Enterprise College. Don't click straight on it though, if you do look, click on the Quick View tab to open it properly. If it doesn't work, it'll probably have expired, the webpage, that is, anyway. I swear, I'm not a stalker. I just know you - or I used to - personally, a little while ago. I recognised you just from your photo on zomobo. So, my former friend, I hope you do well and don't begrudge me for sending a reply that was meant to be from a potential singer and not any old person. I saw Guitarist, Songwriter, Graphic Artist, Guitar Teacher all on skillpages, and I was staggered but pleased and impressed. Can't say enough how pleased I am that you're doing so well.

So long, an anonymous old friend of yours. P.S.: For the sake of my Internet safety, it is best I do not disclose any of my personal details, though it would therefore make it easier for you to remember me, but my safety I cannot risk it. If you don't know who I am, or cannot guess, or cannot work it out, it's best you forget. I was never that much of a friend to you. I was someone you probably found a bit irritating. Again, wish you all the good luck I can physically give, with the band.
What part of the UK?

What age range?

EDIT: Never mind, I saw Preston on your profile, I'm a bit far away. Good luck though!
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