Find one you like and they are awesome.

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Wtf they're two pretty different guitars, aren't they? What kind of music do you play, what kind of tones are you after?

But, flat out, I'd say the BFG. It's an infinitely bad-ass guitar, and if you've got one in your sight somewhere that you could get, do snatch it quickly, as they're not out there too often these days.

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Can a BFG handle metal? Like Bullet For My Valentine, As I Lay Dying etc.?
Any guitar can do any genre, provided your amp and (less importantly) your pickups are suited to that genre.

The most important aspects of a guitar are that it's comfortable to you, has features you like, and looks good to you. Everything else sound related can be modified all day every day.

EDIT: That said, I'd probably the Gibson is probably more worth the money... The MP-600 is essentially a vastly overpriced V-401. It has hardware found on LTD Deluxe models, but even still, it should only cost $700-800, not the $1000 that it does cost.

In the end, you should get the one most comfortable to you.
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