Hey folks,

some weeks ago I was reading a review on UG about a Rhoads-guitar that was looking nearly identical to the Alexi Laiho custom guitars by ESP.

It had the same shape (yea well rhoads), and the same paintscheme (black stripes on white background).
Though it had no scythes on the fretboard and it had an additional second humbucker at the neck position. If I remember correctly there was a tone-knob on the body aswell.

Now I've forgotten the name of the guitar I'm looking for and maybe you can help me out on that. I'm quite sure it's no ESP though and I couldn't find a comparable guitar by Jackson aswell.

Can't really help you out here, but I guess you could check your browsing history. Should work unless you've cleared your history after visiting certain sites.
From the pictures of an Agile Reaper I found I can tell that the Reaper has a modified Rhoads-body, at least underneath the bridge. Looks kind of hot indeed.
But it's not available in that colourscheme you can see in the picture in the first post.

I'm a 100% sure that the guitar I am looking for had a white body with these 2 black stripes and 2 humbuckers.
First of all thanks for your responses.

I remember that the reviewer told that he bought that guitar because it's looking like one of the alexi-custom-guitars by ESP. Now when I check the reviews about the Douglas and the RR5 on UG no reviewer refers to those ESP-guitars.
So the search is not over until now. :P
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Thanks for the suggestion but too bad I clear it everytime I close my browser.

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incognito mode is your friend for that.
Dunno why i use it since nobody touches my comp usually but eh..
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And he hasn't heard of InPrivate browsing/whatever the other browsers have.


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That's iiit.
I'm quite sure.

No wonder I can't find it on the ESP website as the following SV-II doesn't have this paintscheme anymore I guess.

Thanks to all.