it has been a while since i posted anything here. plus most people here are rock freaks, so i guessed this is the best place to get critique, always the best way to improve.

song title: journey within.

c4c 4ever
hmm. what does 60 views and comments mean? is it good, but not that good or?
I dug it, really chill vibe, and I enjoyed the electronic beat coming in towards the end. The whole thing was pretty textural and hypnotic. My only real criticism is that last little blurb of music once the beat cuts out seems unnecessary, as if it should either not be there or it should lead somewhere else. Other than that it was great.


You're really creative I'm not a huge fan of guitar effects though, too much for me. Drums are great IMO. Your sound is really interesting but still a bit weird ^^ What about putting a lead guitar in some sections ?
hmm. too much? yeah i'm a little too happy with delay and reverb and stuff like that:P was thinking about a lead guitar, but it to me it seemed like overkill with all the stuff already going on... i'm mess around more with it and see what happens. hmm. was not sure how to end it.. gave me a headache, more messing around it is.