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I seen somewhere from a UG'er that so many artists today make shitty albums that you have to pick and chose which songs you want, and that is why the music industry is becoming a dry, sandy pussy.

What albums from a recent artist (2000-present) have you been able to enjoy, without skipping, and having an admiration for each song? Reissues from bands like Led Zeppelin or albums from old artists who already made themselves in years before the 2000's like Buddy Guy or Jeff Back aren't allowed here. I guess I'll set the example here.

I'd have to say every album from the Black Keys has been able to spin in my car or stereo the entire way through. All in all they're a very good band kinda jeolous that my trio band is still trying to match the power of a duo band lol.

PS. hope this hasn't been done before, it seems like an idea that might've been taken already lol.

Lets Begin!
Man, there's so many. It's not like there's a drought of good albums.
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If you can't listen to pretty much any album all the way through you've got problems
so many artists today make shitty albums

Not true. You need to listen to more modern music instead of only listening to music from the 60's and then complaining about how terrible music today is.

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I always listen to albums all the way through

But all of the songs being worthy, I'd have to say Continuum by John Mayer is one of them, along with Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by McR, Riot! by Paramore, My Dinosaur Life by Motion City Soundtrack and definitely Hugh Laurie's Let Them Talk.
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^ +1

Alter Bridge - ABIII
Parkway Drive - Deep Blue
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Parkway Drive - Deep Blue

forgot this one
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Not true. You need to listen to more modern music instead of only listening to music from the 60's and then complaining about how terrible music today is.

it wasn't me, I'm fine with music today, it was someone on the UG "Why Pirating Music is Ruining the Music Business" article. If you want to find things today, you need to actually look for them, not just expect today's radio to throw people who have never been heard before at you.
Every single Arctic Monkeys album.
One Day Remains - Alter Bridge
Probably shit loads more
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

Being serious I've listened to Chinese Democracy all the through at least once, maybe twice
For me,

Hymn of A Broken Man by Times of Grace
Eternal by War of Ages
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I've dug Foo Fighter's Wasting Light all the way through lately. Also, Protest the Hero's Fortress and Scurrilous are nice listening all the way through. The four latest HIM albums also are something I've taken a big liking to. Daft Punk's Discovery is an album that I can't skip anything from... The Sounds' Crossing the Rubicon as well. Hell, I could go on for a long, long time... In my experience, there are no more shitty records out there now than there were 40 years back. It's just that the older albums have achieved a prestigeous station within the field - they have become canonized in the polysystem of popular music, and judgement on them has become somewhat clouded.

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First two that come to mind are Scurrilous by Protest The Hero and The Emptiness by Alesana.
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Ooft, a bunch. edIT's Certified Air Raid Material, Bjork's Vespertine, Colin Hay's Going Somewhere, The White Stripes' Icky Thump, at least 2 Holdsworth albums, Satch's Musterion one, Tool's Lateralus and 10,000 Days, the last few Primus albums...

****, tons. What's wrong with you?
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Alter Bridge - ABIII
Parkway Drive - Deep Blue


As Blood Runs Black - Instinct
After the Burial - In Dreams
Protest the Hero - Fortress/Scurrilous
All Rammstein albums, All Avenged Sevenfold albums, Death magnetic.
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Everything by Mastodon
Red Album - Baroness, the build up of Rays On Pinion sucks me in every time.
Static Tensions - Kylesa, one of my favorite albums
Dopethrone - Electric Wizard
From Mars to Sirius - Gojira

Just a few off the top of my head. I like listening to records all the way through, especially when the songs flow well into one another.
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Recent albums by:
- Dream Theater
- Tool
- Symphony X
- Aghora
- Seventh Wonder
- Nevermore (I'm sorry, but the Odsidian Conspiracy is awesome)

...Prog Metal ftw.
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and then there's free jazz, which isn't even for musicians.

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Way too many really. The first ones that come to mind are Watershed (Opeth), The Blackening (Machine Head), Plastic Beach (Gorillaz), Colors (BTBAM), The Sufferer and the Witness (Rise Against), etc.

I could look through my iTunes and seriously list out all of them. But that would take a really long time.
I can't not listen to an album the whole way through.
And I don't really listen to a lot of modern music, but MGMT is huge for me.
John Frusciante has a whole lot of albums that came out in the 2000s.
Ghostland Observatory as well.
Octavarium-Dream Theater came out 2005.
There's a shit ton of good metal bands I used to listen to with stuff from the 2000s.
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(I'm sorry, but the Odsidian Conspiracy is awesome)


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There's so many.
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BTBAM's albums,
Muse's albums,
Protest The Hero's albums
Porcupine Tree have done quite a few amazing ones in the 2000's.

There's been some great dance music albums too like Pendulum's In Silco and Immersion, No More Idols and Against All Odds by Chase and Status and Warriors Dance by the Prodigy.

EDIT: A few I forgot,

Rise Against's new album,
Radiohead's recent stuff is incredible.
Gorrilaz stuff is also amazing.
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I Always enjoy music more when I listen to the whole album at a time, so Pretty much every album I own.

my shameless Fanboyism is raging at the lack of Kezia listed with Protest the hero, so I'll do that now.
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I only listen to music while playing the entire album. If there is only one good song on the album, I will rarely play that song.
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The Blackening - Machine Head
Wrath - Lamb of God
For The Masses - Hadouken
A New Era of Corruption - Whitechapel
Joyland - Andy McKee (in fact, his entire discography)
Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray - Seether

and lots more...
Black Gives Way to Blue - AIC ... no matter how many times i listen to it, always feel it
A Muse man through and through ...

bite me
I listen to entire albums on a daily basis. Right now I'm digging the new Boris and Jesu.
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Quote by alkalineweeman

I was literally just about to post this

I also just listened to this all the way through

And I really enjoyed each track

I don't think I've really ever come across an album that I couldn't listen to all the way through.
I tried listening to the mumford & sons album once but I only made about halfway through.
Also; there are so many albums I couldn't even begin to name them. I listen a lot of cd's so naturally you're going to listen the whole thing.
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The Human Abstract - Digital Veil, shame it's only got 8 songs, one of which is an intro song

Also City & Colour's Little Hell and Bring Me Your Love.
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