The other day my grandma gave me this old bass guitar that has been in her closet for years. It's surprisingly not warped or anything, but on the headstock all it said was 'Magnum'. I've never heard of them, can anybody give me some info on these. Thanks.
Got any photos?

A minute of research suggests they're pretty standard plywood far eastern Fender copies
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when i first heard magnum i thought of Ovation Magnum basses...
Entry level stuff. Think cheap under $200 range. Might be alright after a setup.
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Yeah, I did some research awhile back, and it said it was some company in Korea copying Fender's Jazz Bass, but I got pictures, let me get photo bucket sorted out first, then I'll post a link.



It used to be white, but everyone in my grandma's house smokes alot, thus turning it an off-yellow/white.
Didn't magnum have a signature flea bass......before there was a flea bass?
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Didn't magnum have a signature flea bass......before there was a flea bass?

Modulus had the Flea signature (precursor was the Modulus Sonic Hammer, then the Flea sig, and now its the Funk Unlimited), before Flea went off to do the whole Fleabass thing.
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Yep, THAT is a rad bass.

For some reason, i would LOVE to throw a tremolo on it... surf bass a-go-go!
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Jeezzzzz..... Thats genuinely beautiful.... i want one 0.o. how does it sound?
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