I'm buying a new combo-amp and I opened my eyes for the Mesa/boogie express model. Is there a big difference between these two, and did anyone of you try some of them?

Also recommend other amps if you like!

the 5:25 uses el84s and the 5:50 uses el34s.

that's actually a big difference. you should grab the 5:50.
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There are better amps out there imo. Budget, genres played, home or gig, closest city, new or used, current gear, ???!!

I see! My budget is about top 1700 dollars. I'm Playing alot of blues, rock, Eric johnson, john petrucci, steve vai and metal sometime! Playing alot of stuff! I wan't a amp that can do good at home and at gigs! I'm playing on a american standard stratocaster. I also have an Epiphone, explorer.
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anyway, there is a Mark III Simul-Class in Chicago for $750


and a very funky looking Mark IV head in Portland

both in the $750 range