I'm graduating high school in two weeks and I'd like to take my guitar with me next year when I go to college, problem is I own a tube amp and I guess my roommate en fellow students won't really appreciate my playing very much while they're studying.

So I'm wondering: what do you guys use in your dorms? I was thinking a transistor amp with headphones but the rooms aren't that big and I can use all the space I can get.

I mostly play "Blues/Rock/Garage/Grunge"-like stuff.

Budget: I don't really know yet, I've got a job this summer so I'll earn some cash, but I still have to buy a laptop as well, but I guess it would be around 200-300 euros.

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Same situation. Roland micro cube, got one. Very happy, has everything one could want.

"I guess my roommate en fellow students won't really appreciate my playing very much while they're studying."

And if you think theyll be studying your wrong.
I haven't moved out to uni yet but I bought a Blackstar HT-1 in preparation for this exact problem, I reckon it should do the job nicely.
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I'm in the same boat.

I'm taking an acoustic that I can hook up to an amp if I want and probably a small 15 watt amp with a headphone jack in case I want to play something heavier.
Line6 Pod ftw! Headphones into it for late night silent jamming.
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grab an audio interface like the line6 pod studio gx. or even something with a few more features. allows you to play through your computer using amp modelling. with the ammount of free amp sims out there, going along those lines is the best option for quiet/silent playing.
when i was in college thats what i did, then picked up a cheap little used amp for any time i wanted to be louder than computer speakers. still tended to use the interface, and i still do years later.
i used a line 6 podxtlive in my dorm
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I got a line 6 UX2. Comes with PODfarm, a very simple to use and decent sounding amp sim software. Some of the stock tones are ok, some are garbage, but with some tweaking you can create some good tones suited to your liking. I also have a M-audio Oxygen 49 keyboard, some decent Shure professional headphones, and Apple Logic. Best little home/dorm room set up I could ask for on a budget.


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i used a Peavey Bandit 112 and a Zoom G2 pedal. Its about the only way i could here myself over everyone watching Glee and blasting rap -_- also VERY useful for drowning out my roommates Miley Cyrus and Taylor swift :P
Vox Pathfinder. Probably the nicest sounding SS practice amp I've tried.


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POD + headphones

It gives you versatility, recording ability, portability and silence for your dorm friends. And it can be easily shoved under a bed if you have a tiny dorm.
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Studying in college dorms, yeah right.


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pod hd desktop!

i would not be able to stand dorms i think, thats why after i take a year off im gonna live in an apartment with the bassist of my band whos gonna be going to the same school
Thanks for all the answers!

I took a look at the POD's and stuff and the recording ability is great but we've got a homestudio so it would be purely to practice (I'm going home on the weekends).
So I checked out the Multieffects, which are also interesting because I can use'm when I'm rehearsing with my band, and I'm torn up between the VOX ToneLab EX and the BOSS ME70. They're in the same price categorie, so any thoughts on that?

The difference between the POD 2.0 and the two multieffects is at max €100 (the X3 is practically the same as the multies).
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I'm in a uni/college dorm...I'm going to be buying an Egnater Renegade and a 2x12 cab soon...and at present I've got my Peavey Bandit 112 and pedalboard here. It's not that big of a deal, to have your full rig, provided you play it during respectable hours and not be a dick if people ask you to turn it down a bit.

EDIT: Though I will admit, if I want to play at some stupid hour, I usually just run through my old MultiFX unit, then Garageband and headphones.