alright, ive been working with this for almost 4 hours now and im about to chuck my computer into the wall. im using a Line 6 spider IV 30, i have my FBV Express MKII plugged into that, and that FBV is plugged into my computer. on reaper it registers that the FBV is there, its shown in the MIDI input/output etc. but, not sure how to word this, but... i cant get it to record i suppose. Ill put it on MIDI, hit record, play something, and it recorded no sound. i can switch it to stereo and record using my computers microphone but that sounds like ass, i need to record using the device plugged into my computer like anyone else would, its prolly pretty easy, im just new to computer recording software etc. So anyone familiar with Line 6 equipment and reaper, please help? im not sure if im just not selecting the right things on reaper or if im doing something wrong with the FBV.... just someone tell me what to do so my computer doesnt meet a painful end :P
If I stay too quiet
I can hear her walking by
Death cold air is moving
Like the touch of her hand

ikuisesti hallussa surua,
pienentynyt enkeli, ottaa minuun,
johtaa minut tämän arvokkaan valoa,
ja ikuiseen pimeyteen.