Up for sale is one of these bad boys


The transparent black/grey finish.

I have bills to pay and it breaks my heart to see this one go. She plays like a dream! Soundwise the guitar is flawless. The neck/frets/input jack are all in top shape too. The floyd rose was replaced in favor of a fixed bridge so you can easily change tunings. Looks wise the guitar is still gorgeous, but does have signs of wear. Theres a few paint chips on the side (where the strap locks go) and if you look on the body theres a little scratch under the bridge. The finish still looks fantastic. Overall I'd say it's about a 7.5/10 cosmetically.

Pics to come tonight or tomorrow for all those interested. If someones near NYC or the Hartford area that'd be great, because I commute between the two almost every week or so, and an in person meet up would be much preferred. If not I'm willing to ship it so long as you cover the shipping cost.

Any questions ask away!