All the parts are affixed
For Number 6
Perfect alloys
Screws and silicon
Solder and wire volt charged veins to
A simulated brain

A city surrounds:
Obscenities splayed on walls by rogue artists
Beautiful avant-garde thieves
A metropolis skyline drawn in fragmented rainbows
Swirls accented by carmine bricks
Azure sky and silvering sun
A cobalt barrel

Indigo lights and orange neon signs,
Glowing deep in violet nights

Gray steel and shimmering glass against
Sparkling green dew-grass.
Between towering man-made trees,
Little yellow eyes look down
And follow the black and sidewalk-chalk streets

You are blind to these colors, but
Can you see the patterns, like
Elegant blueprints,
Or was that software skipped?

Do you feel this place's electric heartbeat?
It rumbles below your rubber feet
Alive, just like you,
As you lay down pavement and concrete