So i've had plenty of not so spectacular experiences with standard and signature models of guitars and feel I want to graduate to custom guitars... Well, after I get gmw replica of Randy's spotted v *drool*... And i've been keeping an adulterous eye on Jackson over my beloved Dean and saw their custom shop page.

Now here is the meat of my post... Help me with the right everything! I got a little overwhelmed with the options...
What to choose for body and top woods? What the hell is a top wood and should it differ from the body wood?
What's this arch top/mirror top dealio?
And body scalloping? (This I figure is like the bevel you see towards the back side of the v's)
What to choose for neck and fingerboard woods?
Nut and butt width?
Scale length?
Neck back shape?

Ya... That's a lot, I know... But if anyone can help my with ideas of the best options to get for a thrash guitar
1. Woods: Body Wood-duh, needs no explanation
Top Woods: where the wood differs from the body. its generally for decoration , or like if you love a flamed or quilted maple look but prefer the sound of a mahogany body you can have both. Stay away from basswood. Korina, Mahogany, Swamp Ash, things like that.

2. Arch top-Mirror top: Well I'm not sure about mirror top but i believe arch top is what you normally see on PRS guitars and the like (an arched body, tends to bevel outwards from the guitar)

3. Body scalloping: This is more than likely the depth of the cutaway on the guitar, but im not entirely sure about that. EDIT: Yep it is. Get the Scalloped Horn and Heel. Makes for more comfort playing higher up.

4. Neck woods: I would go with what you normally like. Maple is always a good choice. You could even see if they have a Carbon Epoxy/Fiberglass blend that seems to me to be slicker and faster than an Ibanez neck. Rosewood is a good choice for finger boards, as is ebony. Finished Maple is also a good choice.

5. Nut Width-Butt Width: Nut width should be 41-43mm. Butt width is the thickest point on the guitar and there only appears to be one option for 6-strings

6. Scale length: If your tuning to the "low Cs" you may want a longer length 25"+ but for E and D standard 24"-25" should be fine

&. Neck Back shape: This the neck shape on the back of the guitar. Do you prefer the feel of a V (KV-2) or the feel of a superstrat (SL-1)

If anyone wants to correct my mistakes and misinformation, please do.
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Honestly if you don't even know what scale length you like or what kind of fretboard you like to play on then I really don't think you should be bothering to look for a one-off Custom Shop build. You'll be spending several grand on a guitar that basically you're unsure of, can't try befor you buy, can't get a refund on, can't resell for anywhere near as much as you paid for it and you'll be basing your spec off of theory and what random people on the internet have told you.

If you've not been able to find a suitable guitar for you yet and you're this clueless about guitar spec then I suggest instead of looking Custom you just go to a few shops and try out lots of guitars. There are thousands and thousands of different guitars in the world and if you don't even know what scale length is then that suggests to me that you've probably only played two or three. Go try more guitars out. If you insist on going custom then at least by trying more guitars out first you can get a feel of what you do like and don't like. Take a notepad with you, write down everything you like when you try them out and everything you don't like. Then when you get home look up the specs of each guitar you tried and you should be able to work out what sort of spec that might suit you. So say you go play a Fender Stratocaster and a Ibanez RG and a Gibson Les Paul and you think you liked the distance between the frets on the first two then you could look up all their specs, see that the Fender and Ibanez are both 25.5" scale and the Gibson is 24.75" scale and so then you'd know that 25.5" scale is probably what you want to use.

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&. Neck Back shape: This the neck shape on the back of the guitar. Do you prefer the feel of a V (KV-2) or the feel of a superstrat (SL-1)
Body shape has got nothing to do with neck shape. You can get V-shape guitars with C-shape necks, D-shape necks, U-shape, V-shape, soft V-shape, thin U-shape, all sorts. And you can get Strats with all those, Telecasters with them, everything.
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if you are really interested in buying one you could probably contact them and you could talk to them about their options and make guitar you want, I wouldnt trust an online application thing either
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Honestly if you don't even know what scale length you like or what kind of fretboard you like to play on then I really don't think you should be bothering to look for a one-off Custom Shop build.

Exactly this.
Yeah, just sit and research it all first. Look at your guitars you have played, and go play some more. See what you liked and what you dont, CS wont be cheap so you want to nail it.

A lot of this stuff is basically personal opinion, I like shorter scale lengths, some people like them longer, its not better or worse just different, same with all of that. Of course if your megarich you can do it over again . Or go ESP custom shop, theres some lovely stuff there. Not that id say no to a jackson death angel.
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Honestly speaking, if you don't know exactly what you want in a guitar yet, and have to make a post on an internet forum, I really doubt you're ready for a custom guitar, especially one that's going to cost thousands of dollars. You're going to end up wasting time and lots of money. My advice is to wait until you're experienced enough with guitars and know what your talking about before ordering a custom guitar.

If I were you I'd shop around and do my research and buy a production model guitar that will suit your needs as best as it can. You can probably buy a production model high end Jackson, and you'll save a few thousand compared a custom.

If you're dead set on a custom guitar, look for a local luthier, they'll do it for much cheaper than Jackson, or any well-known guitar company out there, and depending on the person equal or better quality.
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you are not ready.
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