Let me start by saying I'm still new here. Hello everyone.

The recording quality isn't that good, nor is the singing in my opinion, though I've always thought that judging your own singing is near impossible to do. That's probably the reason I'm putting this out here, to receive criticism on my playing and my singing from the good people here at UG,as I can't improve if I don't know what to improve on, or how to improve on it. Also, as a final disclaimer, I've only played the guitar for about a year and a half (since last February to be exact.)

About the cover itself, it's a pretty free interpretation of the Bob Dylan original.

So yeah, enjoy.
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There were a lot of things I liked about this cover, and a lot of things I didn't like.
First off, the recording quality is actually really decent. Your guitar sounds great, and the vocals are also recorded well.
Secondly, I didn't think your vocals were bad. They were also pretty decent. Right now, you're not the next mercury, but you're doing fine. You were usually right tone-wise. At 2:42, when you sang the long note, your voice shook a little though. Try to prevent that. It's good that you have the guts to sing though, you don't wuss out on the harder notes.
Your guitar playing is alright, but not that special. Clearly the cover was not about showing guitar skills, more so singing, but maybe you could've added some guitar arrangements. By the way, did you record this in one take, or did you record the guitar and vocals individually? If you did this at once, that's really impressive.
Finally, I would invest in a metronome. My guess is you didn't use one, because the rhythm wasn't constant throughout the song. Play along with the metronome to keep the right rhythm.

All in all this was a good cover. The recording quality is fine, your singing is alright and so is your guitar playing. It could do with some arrangements though. And buy a metronome


edit: i don't mean to be harsh, because this was actually really good. keep up the good work!
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Thank you for the review . Usually I play guitar while singing the song, but for this recording, I did both individually. I also kept the song simple on purpose, as, like I said, I usually play the guitar while singing it, and I just wanted to record it the way I usually play it.

I'll check yours out right now .
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I think vagelier has said it all, the video wasnt alla about showing your guitar skills, but when its only your voice and a guitar the guitarmistakes become pretty obvious and you dont like to hear them, you want a nice flowing sound other than that i think it was good