I've been considering making my own new bass from separate parts for a while now, and today I discovered that some places sell kits with all the parts already shaped etc. for people to put together themselves. But before I put any time or money into trying one out, I wanted to check if anyone has tried building from a kit before and how it turned out. Does anyone know if the parts interchangeable or do you have to stick to what's already there in the kit?
It depends, GFS would be my recomendation cause their necks interchange with fenders. You're budget really determines what's suggested, $300 or less could get you a nice GFS $1000 or more and you got a custom warmoth looking at you.

GFS has kits, as well as pre painted bodies and parts, it might be worth it to buy the pre painted body etc.

Edit: Depending on what you're trying to do I'd recommend also buying the bass you want and upgrading it in every single way you want. A kit unless you're cutting the body and neck, and painting, isn't much more than screwing and bolting it together, you could say buy a squier or MIM P bass (used preferably), get some new tuners, pickup, pickguard, covers, bridge and strings and essentially do everything most kits would let you, and have a better bass in the end
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I know someone who built a guitar kit and he switched just about everything but the body out and it worked great
You will learn a lot by doing your own build, but for me it just turned into one big pain that did not really translate into a justifiable payoff. I would rather just buy something ready to play.
1. The SG stands for “solid guitar.”
Thanks guys. I have been looking at a Mexican P Bass on eBay actually wondering if it'd be less work.
It would yes, unless you decided to mod it like crazy. new pickup, strings and a set up would be pretty much the best core thing you could do.
I've just spent something like three hours looking at Warmoth and hand made basses. Probably shouldn't have done that. Now I'm going to spend many more hours hunting down a body made from black korina. I love how it looks with the transparent amber finish. Gives it a bit of color but still looks natural. And it's meant to have a nice well rounded, warm tone.