Hey guys and gals, I'm stoked because I just picked up an old Hondo II LP-2B Les Paul style guitar for free from a friend. It's in pretty poor shape and he was too lazy to really do anything with it. I've been wanting to rebuild a guitar for quite a long time though and thought this would be a perfect opportunity. After some cleaning and some replacement of parts it should be quite the guitar. I do have some queries on what parts will actually fit on it. Anyone know if parts that will fit on a normal Gibson or Epiphone will fit on a Hondo Copy? And if not which ones will? Also, if anyone has any recommendations for good parts to buy I would appreciate it. Going for a classic black with gold hardware look.
Awww, sweet; that thing looks beautiful! Almost exactly the look I'm going for, too.
You mean to paint the existing hardware gold? Or just to make my guitar look badass?