Hi all!
I decided today that I'll start uploading a few live videos a week (Originals and covers) on youtube and this is the first in that vein... It's a cover of Damien Rice's 9 Crimes and I use a BOSS RC 50 loop station to provide a bit of backing on the choruses, hope you like it!
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C4C promised!

i think it sounds pretty good. I love the use of the loop pedal. I also love the effect used on the video itself. Makes it look like it's from a movie or something haha.

can you comment on my cover?


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You have an insanely good voice, mate, and the cover as a whole is well thought out and played well. I loved the use of the looper, I've been looking into getting one, for literally the same reason as you; building up the song in layers, then combining it all into one.

The only thing I could find fault with, is your guitar tone sounds a little dead, which might be that its plugged straight into a desk or whatever, but if you purchased a preamp or DI box of some kind, with maybe some in built reverb, the tone might be improved a little, but again, this is something I've been trying to do, with my acoustic sound.

If you wanted to check out some of my work, I recently posted a cover of a Benjamin Francis Leftwich acoustic song , check it out here:

Thanks guys, yes the loop station sure is a handy little tool! I highly recommend it if you have a small PA system set up, it just makes everything more interesting, though it does take some getting used to and a lot of re arranging songs to make it work (i.e boring 15 minute intros as you record all the loops :P) The dead guitar sound might be due to the sound being recorded straight from the camera's internal mic :/

I will crit all your stuff tomorrow morning as I'm going to bed now, twas a long day, thanks again for the crit!