I was waiting until I saved enough to buy the Epiphone Wilshire Pro in the Aged Pelham (green) color. And now that I have enough I cannot find it in this color. I'm able to select different styles from different sites but now Aged Pelham isn't even on the list. Was it a limited time offer? Or was I beaten to the punch? Or am I just not lookin hard enough. I rather not ebay it.

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Is that not the very first colour?

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Yes, that's the right color in the picture, but it's not available to buy. I have no idea if it was a limited run or anything, but if you check the used section, they have them in "B" condition (gently used) for $280. Perhaps that's a good route, if you don't mind used and want to avoid eBay.
Ah I see. Perhaps a local music forum or Gumtree (or Craigslist depending on your location) where you could see it first?
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