I'm looking to record myself on my computer and have my eye on a few compressor microphones to do the job. However, I'm a little confused as to which pre-amp I should be looking to purchase to get the job done.

I need a pre-amp with/that:

- has USB
- has MIDI
- supports phantom power v48

I'm mainly looking to record vocals and my guitar with this preamp, and it will interface directly with Cakewalk or some other midi recording program.

Can someone make a suggestion? My budget is around $150 for the pre-amp.

Thank you os much
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You want an audio interface not a preamp on its own. The interface will have its own preamp.

Digidesign Mbox Original
Mbox Mini
Presonus Audiobox
Focusrite Saffire

You could just get a seperate usb/midi interface for cheaps. I have an m-audio uno i use with my keyboard that works great.