I currently have a Marshall MG50FX which is decent, but I would really like to upgrade my amp. I would like an amp with an excellent clean channel and some good tube growl on the overdriven channel. My playing is largely influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, and Mars Volta. (In other words funk, alternative, blues, and progressive rock.) I would like to keep it around $1500 but am willing to go over if I really like the amp. I currently play a Gibson SG with p90s. I would appreciate your opinions.
Are you looking for a combo or head+cab?
What wattage are you looking for?
Your budget is simply delightful
i have a carvin nomad 50w tube combo, and it works like a charm. sounds like it would be good for you too. the price is around 700€.
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@conor: Head+cab preferably but I'm open as I'm mainly in for tone and as it looks won't be playing in large venues, atleast not for a while. As far as wattage goes about any head+cab would presumably be enough.

thank you for your suggestions