I'm interested in the ZT Lunchbox, but from what I've read, most opinions are that you really need an extension cabinet to get a full range sound i.e. bass response (though some people seem to be happy with the single 6.5" speaker alone...)

So any opinions on which is better to get a full sound (not needed at very high volume)?

- The ZT Lunchbox 6.5" Extension cab (in addition to the internal speaker)
- Or instead, a 1x10 or 1x12 speaker cabinet

I've read that when using the cab sold by ZT, the pair of 6.5" speakers together really fills out the sound (and the clips on youtube would seem to confirm this). Or do you really need a bigger speaker? Or, is it true that with good EQ'ing, an extension speaker is not even needed to get a good bass response (at least at low - medium volumes)?
honstly, if you are going to spend that money i'd just buy the version with the 12 inch speaker
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Thanks, but I'm really interested in the portability of the LB for when I need it, so I don't want to be always locked into something bigger. So, any other thoughts about the extension cabinet?
It sounds better with a 6" extension speaker. It would sound fuller I think with a 1x12, or a 1x15 with a speaker such as a Jensen Neo. The Lunchbox has an 8 ohm output. Many of the neo dymium speakers have higher db sensitivity rating. I think the speaker should have at least a 150 watt rating, or else move up to a 2 x 12, and try to make it an 8 ohm load.
wait you wont get the 12'' ZT Club because you like the portability of the LB but then you want to get another cab

but i would go with a getting the matching 6'' cab
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Thanks all for your input. It sounds like the ZT cab would be a good match. Actually, though, I think that the LB sounds great on its own on this clip. Yes, definitely much more midrange when listened to right after the Club, but listened to own its own, I think it sounds pretty good.