Well heres a song I just wrote in about ten minutes lol surprisingly its one of just a few songs I've ever finished. Kind of as a sequel to "Yesterday" by the Beatles so hope you like it please tell me if there is anything I need to change or tips/suggestions. Everything is welcomed as I plan to record this at least thats my plan

Verse 1
Today I have to do a lot of things
Got to have my morning coffee
Maybe read the newspaper
Then leave and lock the door with my key
Hide it in the flower pot
At least thats what I plan to do today

Verse 2
Today my work seems quite easy I feel
to meetings where I'll make my share
Maybe get a raise and make some payments
On a house that needs a family
Maybe I might find a girl
At least thats what I plan to do today

Sometimes things dont work out
Your plans become futile lists of nothing
Everything just has to go wrong
Today is just like it was yesterday

Verse 3
Today after work I did some groceries
Then I went to play some golf
but it rained so I went home
The key was gone and so were my files
my life's work out the window
So I guess there will be no raise today

Maybe tomorrow it will be better
Hopefully my plans will work out
Hopefully yours will too
And then It won't be like yesterday
And then It won't be like today
hey your song is good. i like the structure because its different, sylables are good, rhyming is good, i like the way it tells a story. but i feel that there is something missing. add some contrasts like opposites, metaphors, similes. other than that. it is good enough to become a real song.