Warning: this is my first post outside of the intro thread.

Okay, so I'm in the market for a new guitar. I usually catch myself playing mostly devildriver/ lamb of god kinds of music. Im also into some of what I guess you would call metalcore/hardcore/dethcore? But my my playing style is more focused on the former rather than the latter.
I'm also a huge fan of the les paul, and les Paul styled guitars. (I hate strats, so none of that nonsense please.)
I found the les Paul prophecy ex and fell in love with it, but then I came across the ltd ec-1000, and now I can't decide.

They both cost the same so price isn't a factor here. However the prophecy has 81/85 combo, whereas the ec has the 81/60 setup. I'm more familiar with the 81/85 combo, zakk Wyld uses it, along with most emg savy guitarists I know. I know nothing of the 81/60, but I've heard good things.
The ec is also lighter from what I've heard, which is cool for live gigs but I'm sure it kills the sustain a bit.

Basically what I'm asking here is which is a better choice overall, considering the specs, the price, and my playing style?

That's about all the details I can think to write down. I hoe this wasn't too long or ridiculous. (please be gentle, it's my first time)
I havent played much on the EMG 85 (i have a ESP Eclipse II w/ EMG 81/60) but i have played the Les Paul Prophecy is a great guitar, so is the EC-1000.

But im going to have to side with the EC-1000, it is lighter, and it feels alot better strapped on and moving around than the LPP i tried.

and also if you have noticed, Willie Adler (LOG) and one of the guitarist of DevilDriver uses a Eclipse. So i think that you would like the EC-1000 more! My guitar has epic win of sustain even if it is lighter =]
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Actually the reason I decidedto look up the ec was because of Willie Adler's eclipse. I had noticed them in the past but never realt bothered to look into them because I was suck a les Paul fan.

As for the neck profile I believe the prophecy has a slim taper neck. In fact I think I read somewhere that the prophecy has a slimmer neck than the ec. I may be wrong though.