Breathe, high heels so lifeless/or lecherous
right there, or violence and maliciousness.
Press dungeon or stalking moores, drip drip drip
Booty shakin' wishbone crush like attention or
hands up youtube hits for watching eunuchs
become eunuchs.

Staid inside and overdosed on a mixture of self-deprecation
and watching my tumblr feed do auto-erotic defecation or
lactose hemorrhagic dancing on my brainstem,
woo woo woo (soulful R&B crooning)
ecstatic rip store, grabbing out some grinder organs
from inside of this ribcage, pull them through my teeth
just for some passive transgressive bullchick. Wondering
if my word count matters or if what matters is the count
of my twitter feed **** suckers, bangerangem on double
step dubs or that lowgo sweatin rock, take that feather
go where, underthere, and dicing like this or snake
foor, what constitutes cannibalism these days?