I've always wondered what one of these acrylic bodied guitars sounds like. None of the shops near my town have any. Most are off brands, the only major brand I've seen is a BC Rich Warlock. Any experience? Are there advantages to the clear bodies, or is it just a novelty made to look cool?
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Steve Vai has one.

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I believe it's mostly and aesthetic thing. Also, Josh Homme plays one in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHDaKtx6bGY

And although I didn't plug it in, i picked one up in a local shop a few months ago and they are heavy as hell.
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There are many different type of guitars. But I like acrylic guitars. Its look very beautiful and very attractive as well as its have good quality and best figure board. Its one type of electric guitar.
I have an arcylic mockingbird. Unplugged it sounds pretty bassy, and when plugged in it sounds pretty huge, but mine really needs a pickup swap, the stock B.C Rich pickups arent a good repsentation of how good the guitar sounds