Ok, So I plan on ordering a peavey vypyr 30 amp of guitar center, I add it to my cart and then check out. I fill in my information, credit card,address, and all that stuff. But after I purchase then what? How is it deliverd? Do I have to sign something? And what happens If im not home? And the vypyr, I heard its not very reliable, that it freezes or that it wont turn on, Is this true? Sorry for all the questions but ive never have bought anything online.
Okay, calm down. Once you pay for the item with your credit info etc. etc. you will get a proof of purchase sort of screen that you MUST print. If you are not home then they will not leave the item outside your door, since it is expensive, they will most likely deliver it the next day. My experience with the Vypyr (I own a 75) is rather well, has only frozen once in the year that I've had it. And it always stays in tact. Any other questions?
Ok, so that proof of purchase is all I need then, right? And my bro can use it for me if im not home?
Errr, I would think so. As long as he's at least 18 to sign for the package. I don't think the UPS guy would really care to see your Proof of Purchase, that's just in case your order gets lost in shipping or is damaged. That PoP is basically your reciept, and if you don't have it, it's almost like not owning the Vypyr at all.......