Hey guys i just rented this thing for a while and i can say it's a pretty awesome amp, i like tube tone but this thing is really convenient at the moment but the problem is i can't find anywhere that tells me what all the amp models and cabinet models are because this is the first model, it has both a treadplate model and a line 6 treadplate model, no agro or criminal amp model or anything, if someone could find me a list of amp/cabinet models that would be awesome.
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this is the newer model and the older model which i have is this one

//www.habro.com.br/imagens/produtos/imagem3/hd147@b.jpg" alt="">
Aren't the models right there on the face plate?
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treadplate is based off the mesa recto, line 6 treadplate is based off of the original pod's treadplate model. jazz clean is roland JC120, deity is diezel, blackface lux is a fender, plexi 100 is a marshall, j-800 is jcm800, bomber uber is bogner uberschall, the ones that are "line 6" are usually not based off of any real amp in particular

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Line 6's website should have manuals for all of their old products. Look on there.