Hey guys, a few things up for sale to fund some drum things I need, so here we are:

T-Rex DGTM, thing is like new, velcro on bottom, has two modes, uncompressed vintage, compressed modern, kick ass for a boost, overdrive, almost enough to be considered a distortion at full gain in modern mode. velcro on bottom, 115$ shipped

EHX big box pulsar modded for expression on rate, it was modded before I got it, so I don't know who did it, the jack is a little loose and if you hit the cable it can short a bit, just needs tightened but I never wanted to take the thing apart. it works fine, it's only an issue if you smack it hard. 65$ shipped.

Behringer DD-5 copy, 25$ shipped.

Behringer VB-2 copy, 20$ shipped

Behringer DC-2 copy, 25$ shipped

PM me if interested, or if you want some pics!