hi all,

i have a zoom b1x multi effects pedal which i run through my amp and am looking to upgrade. just wondering if upgrading to another multi effects pedal is worth it. ive been looking at the boss ME 50B multi effects pedal and have heard good things, but am also willing to buy seperate pedals if they make that much of a difference in terms of tone.

Also my current Zoom has pre amp settings i think, which make my sound alot stronger through my amp (Laney cab with a Peavey 450 head). Just wondering if there is a pedal to do the same, equalizer?, or chorus? pedal. or if the boss multi effects has that anyways.

The effects that i use or desire are mainly distortion (i would love it to be adjustable, eg big fuzz like muse, or a subtle distortion like rise against or arctic monkeys), and delay.
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I have no experience with either if those two pedals, but I do use a boss 20B and it has what they call bass enhance, which increases bass sound quality.....

It also gas a noise canceling feature.
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