Just got one for graduation, my buddy was telling me that you can install different voices, and change how the vehicle on the GPS looks. Does anyone know any other cool add-ons and how to install them?
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Find vehicles here.

Voices here.

It'll have you install a browser plug-in the first time you try to download, then after that you can just click "install to device" and it'll send it right to it.

There's not much selection in terms of voices. There's a bit more vehicles. I've seen third-party voices and vehicles mess up GPS's before, so I would recommend using those with caution.

This is also really cool and really easy to use. You can put your own voice into your GPS.
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They're already in the device, in the options menu.
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My friend has Gunnery Sergeant Hartman as the voice on his GPS.

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I heard you can get Mr. T as a voice.
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Cool add-ons?

It's a ****ing Sat-Nav.
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