hi, this is a little piece for piano I have made today, I have been playing guitar for three years, and this is my first composition for an instrument other than guitar, also my first attempt do a classical piece, you can hear it in my profile.

any advice, critic,or opinion is well received, as I have said it is my first composition in this style and instrument so don't be too rude please.

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do you wanna hear a little piano composition I have just made?, I promise it don't totally sucks, you can hear it on my profile, any feedback would be really appreciated -C4C
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For some reason it won't play for me. Do you have it uploaded anywhere else?

It might just be because I'm on my work computer and certain things are filtered out. I'll listen when I get home.

If you're interested in C4C, my band has a keyboard player. Check out the track "The SandMan is Jesus." There's a link in this thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1452595