I recently went to check out a Peavey Studio Pro 112. I heard amazing things about this amp.

ANYWAY, I go to check it out and theres a little bit of humming when I'm on the clean channel, the clean is beautiful though.

When I go to the lead channel though I can barely hear anything. It seems like the post gain and pre gain dials are fried.

Either way I ended up not buying it.

I haven't been able to find as good of an amp for as cheap.

Could someone help diagnose the problem? And if so how much would it cost to fix.

This thing looks pretty old and theres dust everywhere. The knobs are a bit loose too.

This would help me out A LOT.
its 100% not worth it. look for some 80's ampegs if your on a tight budget.
genres of music?
used is ok huh?
nearest major city?
gig or just home practice?
My budget is 100 dollars.
Mostly for band practice.

I hadn't tried cleaning it. I was only trying it out. The clean channel had a little hum to it but it sounded great. The trouble is the distortion. It's like theres something wrong with the wiring.
Sorry for the double post but I also saw a Fender Frontman 25R and a Peavey Studio Pro 40.
The Frontman sucks donkey entrails.

Not really but it is not that great. I see you are looking at your craigslist. That Studio Pro 40 might be good. I also see a B52AT112, some Traynors, Vypyr 15, Roland Jazz Chorus, Vox Valvtronix.

what kind of music do you play? Vypyr 15's are $99 new. Not sure if that will be loud enough though.
Well when I say I play everything I do truly mean everything and anything.

PRIMARILY I play jazz, reggae, metal and blues driven rock n' roll. That's asking a lot for so little money but I heard amazing things about those Peaveys.

I'm also digging some Fender amps that I've played but shit I can't find anything with decent wattage.

I play with a drummer a bassist and a rhythm guitarist in one band (that one is hard rock) and in my other project I'm playing jazz and reggae.

I'm definitely interested in that Peavey Studio Pro 40 though. I heard good things.

I'll give craigslist another go around.

Just looking if theres any hope for that wonky studio pro 112
i hate to say it, but for $100, don't expect a lot.

vypyr 15 would be the best bet at that range.
The amp could shoot out fish in time with the Ride the Lightning album while you attempt to play 12 bar blues.

That would be the strangest problem.

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