So, I know this isn't an actual acoustic drum kit, but I was wondering if any of you guys know how to achieve a sound for drums in ambient-like music
a pretty good example of what I mean can be found in this song


1:30+ the beat kicks in
i just love how small and subtle but powerful the drums sound
I've been trying for weeks to find a mean of achieving a sound like this through VSTs like NI Battery and drum samples but I can't figure it out

Any help or tips to head me in the direction towards this sound would be GREATLY appreciated
thanks in advance!
thank you! I don't think I have any distinct glitch drum kit sounds though =/
so now the question is does anyone know of any good glitch kits to dl?
There are all sorts of synth keyboards and drum machines that will let you program electronic drum tones and some are more simple than others. Usually people that do these types of beats program them using tracking and mixing programs rather than actually playing the notes on drums pad.
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