while I'm waiting till a have enough money to buy a decent monitor system i now use some cheap sony headphone (40 dollar). Now that i'm recording for a while, i'm not happy anymore with those because they are not neutral enough.

Now, yesterday i found a old speaker, 4 ohm. When i connect the speaker directly to my computer i got a very clean flat tone. Not very loud but enough for music arrangement.
Reverbs are also much more clean and focused.

I was wonder if this approaches more the sound of a monitor. There is no amp between my computer and the speaker that transforms the sound and and because there's just one speaker, there's no shifting needed between tweeters, speakers, subs...

maybe I'm just telling shit :p and both are crap for recording
I found an article that SoundonSound did on Monitors vs. Hi-fi speakers. One of the Hi-fi speakers actually worked good for a near-field monitor.
When I get home I'll post the link, or you can Google it.

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