about a week ago me friend broke the neck of his guitar... long story
the problem is... it's a set-neck
i heard that you can remove it by applying low heat
is it true? and if so... how?
I think that would work. Ive never seen it happen but if you remove the finish around the join and then apply heat as it would melt the glue? I dunno but worth a shot
That should be the way to go, Ive seen people replace fretboards using that method.
I think that by using aluminum sheets and applying an iron with medium heat will do the trick.
when I will finish my exams (only one week!!) I will work on it and upload pics.
tips anyone? I had never worked with heat....
I have this great idea!
I think removing the fretbourd. after it is removed, I will use small amout of steam on the connection and loads of towels to cover the guitar's finish
I think it will work perfectly
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