pretty interesting riff the guitar sound needs some tweeking, sounds a little flat for my taste. besides that you could make a pretty kick ass song, with some minor tweeks and vocals
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It's a good catchy riff, I'm not entirely a big fan of the drums for the "big riff" in my opinion makes it feel a misjointed.

But a lot of potential there for a cool song

What do you mean by big riff?
Well, basically, it's freaking awesome. Reminds me of Minus The Bear and Rooftops. I love the drums. Gives it snap, keeps it interesting. The guitar tone is okay for the riffy part but when the rhythm/chords comes in at about 0:34 I think the tone needs to change. It sounds a bit messy or tinny or something. It needs more definition I think. And yeah, it would benefit from some vocals, but sparse vocals I think. There's enough there to be interesting without loads of lyrics. And this might just be me, but when you dive back into the main riff at the very end, I think it loses some of the tension the chordy part before built up.

But seriously, awesome stuff man.

Crit my acoustic bits and bobs? (any or all)
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I love this style of music, and you've done it really well. The riffs flow really well into eachother, and have a really tone to them. It would be good to see some vocals over this track, it would work really well with some good melodies and some shouty vox, in my opinion. The dynamics are good, and the changed keep it fresh, carried by a nice beat. Good job