I do singing, screaming, guitar, and a little bass. I'm not gonna put on airs. When I'm not singing, I'm sloppy as shit, but I'm working on it. As long as you do something musical, I'd love to try to collaborate with you (dueling vocals a la Blood Brothers ftw :P). I've never found a single person that really, truly got me down to my lame musical soul, so I'm broadening my search. I'm 17 and I live in Los Banos, CA. Soon I'll move to Stockton (hell yes). For now, though, I don't give a **** where you are. I just don't wanna be musically alone anymore.

I'm not brutal. I'm not a classic rock guy (I just don't like that "Old Fashioned Marshall Tone" that every classic rock fan seems to love). I'm not just an angry punk(though I can be an angry punk at times). I'm not really any sort of "billy" though psychobilly is nice. I'm not some soft folk-acoustic guy. I'm not some zombie pop-head. I'm not a super sad for myself emo (I've gotten past that phase). I don't like country-sounding music (Cage the Elephant is the exception). Do you see why I haven't been able to find anyone? The incompleteness is driving me mad!

Well...I am mad. Or at least you'd think from my lyrics and some of my music. Well, insane. But I like it insane! Insane is fun! Insane is different! I want to make something new, something with energy. The kind of stuff that makes you wanna dance like you're having a seizure <3 Something with out there titles and lyrics that make you go "wtf?". And yet I'm totally sober. Music is my addiction and I'm just trying to get myself a better fix.

That said, my musical influences are: The Fall of Troy (I emulate Thomas Erak on guitar right now far more than anyone should), The Blood Brothers (it is ****ing HARD to sing like Johnny Whitney), The Speed of Sound in Seawater, Tub Ring, Fear Before, Be Your Own Pet, The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Horse the Band, Nero's Day at Disneyland, Igorrr, Chopin, Mindless Self Indulgence, Pierce the Veil, Panic! At the Disco (first album only. After that is meh), The Venetia Fair, Elle Milano, Dog Fashion Disco, The Mars Volta, Johnny Foreigner, Circle Takes the Square, Cradle of Filth, Cryptorchid Chipmunk, The Diablo Swing Orchestra, Help! She Can't Swim, Alesana, Fall Out Boy, The Test Icicles, RAT:ATT:AGG, Screaming Mechanical Brain, Taking Back Sunday, Fake Shark-Real Zombie!, Anamanaguchi, Closure in Moscow, The Jonbenet, Rolo Tomassi (I would stalk them if I could <3 especially Eva), Ice Nine Kills, Stolen Babies, and We Are the Physics

If ya like any of the above bands, I suggest you check the others out :P Oh, and I'm a sucker for a British accent.
Hey Urthos, I'm a girl, about to turn 17 and I've lived in London (UK) my whole life I play a bit of bass, a bit of guitar and i'm a decent but not amazing singer (probably more suited to back-up). I played drums for a few years to grade 3, i still have the kit but kinda gave up on that... at the moment I'm just kinda looking for someone to jam with so i can improve a bit and make some nice music I am also sloppy.

I'm not sure how well our music tastes match but I'm similar in that I like all kinds of stuff and I like stuff 'that makes you wanna dance like you're having a seizure'. In fact, I actually did that once in my shed listening to 'Doe Deer' by Crystal Castles on repeat haha :P but moving on...

I'm probably not gonna be the most committed partner in the world, what with school and jobs and all, but I'm definitely up for trying something out... I listened to the sample track you posted in that other thread and it sounded good to me, so maybe send me some more where that came from if you're interested?

cheers x
Pretty much what the girl above me said.Im a decent singer i suck at screaming though.I love all kinds of music,blood brothers rock etc. So id really be interested excuse my lack of a response im mobile and lazy.PS I do have alot of free time for such a thing.

EDIT:I play guitar,bass and keyboards and record my own music.
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again, british
guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and vocals
however don't have any home recording equipment
kind of different styles but i can fit into most anyway
Like the above, British.
Guitar & bass, got basic home recording equipment. Line 6 GuitarPort & Audacity.
Been playing for nearly 10 years, studied for two years at college.
Mainly into rock/metal but I'm willing to experiment with other genres. Looked through your list of bands, <3 MSI and Cradle of Filth.
British. 20. Tattooed. Pierced. Bearded. Guitarist. Bassist. Amateur photographer. Blogger.
Alright then all you guys! If you're interested, then gimme an example of what you do a video, recording, midi file, whatever. If you want, you can see what you can do with this. Change it, evolve it, add to it, whatever. PM me with whatever you have
Random Riff 110.gp5
Random Riff 110.mid
Hey man I don't know if you record music but I found this website called Notethrower. You can upload your material and have other people download it to add instruments you may not have. It's really new though. I think it's still in beta testing. I know this doesn't really answer your live collaboration needs but it could be something cool.
Hey OP, I'm a bit interested.

I have a really odd style of playing, but I can change up my style depending on a direction you (preferably after you hear what I write and direct me in the direction you want. Some stuff sounds weird, some stuff works.

I'll post some ****ing around I've done and have in GP5, see if you like at all? If so, cool.

I have equipment to record direction into my computer, mostly through Audacity. My equipment includes a Line 6 combo amplifier, a Crate combo amplifier, and an Ibanez half-stack. I play on a Shecter Diamond Series C-1 elite as well (this thing can play from jazz to death metal).

I play in a technical melodic metalcore band right now, but I can definately do this on the side since my world revolves around music.

Keep in mind these are not fleshed out ideas, so you might be like "wtf?" and more raw ideas I threw together quickly, I work much better collaborating with other artists. :]
Cmin harmonic Idea.gp5
idea 5-2-2011.gp5
Amin Melodic Idea.gp5