New to UG, first post here.

Just over a week ago I bought a Yamaha super jumbo electro-acoustic. It had a really nice tone, felt nice to play and fit my budget of £3-400. However, it had a very annoying buzz on one of the strings that the in-store tech couldn't solve, despite adjusting the relief and playing around with a few other things. In the end, they decided the guitar was faulty and should go back to the manufacturer. I had the choice of waiting for them to order in a replacement or finding something else. I spent an hour or so looking and playing, and came away with a Tanglewood – cost a little bit more, but again a super jumbo and a nice, warm and bright tone.

I really like it – feels nice to play, looks great... but once again I seem to have hit on a problem. There seems to be some fret buzz on the 6th string (low E). It isn't there when the string is open or on the first fret – it appears when you play on the 2nd fret, slightly less on the 3rd fret and then disappears after that. Looking at the fretboard from the side, if I place a finger behind the 2nd fret, I can see that there is only the tiniest bit of clearance between the string and the 3rd fret, and that it's buzzing against the third fret when played. Looking along the length of the fretboard from the far end of the guitar, it appears to be more or less perfectly flat. So I don't think it's a relief issue – I think it's that either the 2nd fret is a little too low at the 6th string, or the 3rd fret a little too high.

My inclination is to take it back in the shop again and ask them to have a look. Truth is, after already taking one instrument back and changing it, I feel a bit embarrassed about going back again for a very similar problem. Should I take it back, or is there something/anything I should try to solve the problem myself first?

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It may be that the nut wasn't cut properly. Fret buzz in the first position is pretty much Always the result of a badly cut nut, you may need to get a new one.
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Thanks for your reply. I took it back to the shop and they said it either has a fret that's too high at one end or possibly a problem with the nut. In either case it needs to go back to the manufacturer. Two guitars in a row with a manufacturing problem. How unlucky can you get.

So now I have a choice: either wait for it to come back from the manufacturer and hope it's sorted, or buy something else. I'm very tempted by a second-hand Simon & Patrick cedar-topped Woodland mini-jumbo. It sounds gorgeous – much nicer than anything else at that price point in the shop. I've posted a separate thread about this.
Both are easy fixes that could be done at any decent guitar store without sending it back.
It's not a guitar store. It's an all-round music store with quite a good guitar section. They are happy to do minor adjustments, set-ups, etc. on brand new instruments, but understandably don't want to do anything that may interfere with the manufacturer's warranty. I have found them to be very helpful and professional in their approach. The store owner was falling over himself to apologise yesterday, and gave me a good deal on the replacement instrument I bought.

I'm sure that if I had a similar problem on an existing instrument, they would happily look at it for me in store.