I have a Blackstar HT 40 and I love it, it's all I need and the last thing I want to do is change any tone.

However I need a few effects, a bit of delay, chorus and perhaps compression or overdrive for a boost but I don't really have the cash at the moment. I borrowed a mates Boss GT6 and while I think it's good it justs drains all my tone and digitalizes it. I read about the 4 cable method where the GT's pre amp is bypassed and despite it being better it's still not good, even if no effects are used it sounds digital.

So I'm assuming the unit is not bypassed even when no effects are in use. However are "normal" stompboxes like this or are they bypassed when not in use?

Sorry if it's a numpty question but my previous amp didn't have an effects loop so I'm unsure what the score is.
Some pedals has true bypass which means when switched of it completely bypasses the circuit, not changing your tone. Some pedals have a buffered bypass which can be bad and suck tone when not on, or be a good buffered bypass and be just a transparent as true bypass.
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Most boss pedals from the last 20-30 years suck tone IMO. Get something with true bypass and your tone will remain intact as long as you use good quality patch leads and cables.
Some can effect your tone. It's like everything. You get what you pay for. Splash out on some decent quality effects and you'll get decent tone.
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