Just so there may be no confusion as to what I am asking, how do you get those little messages at the bottom of your posts? I scoured my 'Edit Profile' page looking for this field and didn't find anything, I looked on the new members Q&A thread and I didn't find anything (at least, I searched the word 'sig' and 'signature' and didn't find anything on the first page). I checked the link to the FAQ at the top of the page and it said:"You can set your signature by editing your profile." Not according to my 'Edit Profile' page, as far as I can tell the closest field there is titled 'Headline'.

For that matter, how come I can't even see the little 'headline' thing I filled out in my profile page? Isn't it supposed to display right below my name? How come I can't see this 'headline' ANYWHERE but in my 'edit profile' page?

There must be some little stupid thing I'm missing. If you need to use HTML somehow that wouldn't surprise me, but if it is a simple text box somewhere in my profile... well, I would just find that embarrassing! Do I need permission or something? Is there a link I should have read about this when I signed up but didn't? Am I just being unbelievably dense right now?
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UG Home Page -> Forums -> Control Panel -> Edit Signature

I didn't find it at first either, but then someone told me when I made a thread asking how to make a signature.
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Ahh, cool. Thanks! They should really put a link to that control panel on the edit profile page.
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