(verse 1)
when you was a little kid,
you said you wanted to be a rockstar,
so here`s your chance,
dont throw it away,
for so long you have hid,
now`s the chance to let you go far,
so use this time,
and make it last.

i see you smashing the stage,
using your feet,
to the rhythm and beat,
yeah girl you`re gonna go far,
so keep smashing the stage,
use your heart,
to make it fall apart,
yeah girl you`re gonna be a rockstar

its true so dont dream now,
just show then what you`re made of,
its just you,
and your guitar,
everyday you`ve been down,
show yourself what you`re made of,
dont give up,
come on now.


you`ve been working in a shop,
forever using a mop and bucket,
is this the life you want,
to be stuck in a poor world,
to be a lost and lonely girl,
is this the life you want.

so dont throw it away,
this is your last chance,
to brighten up everyday.